Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Typography on Furniture

Hello Friends,
I've been busy. Still having fun with furniture makeovers. Have you noticed the trend of typography being transferred to furnishings? I think it's been around a while but I really like it.
The sideboard above has had an antique french advertisement applied to the drawer fronts. The whole piece was repainted and distressed and then sealed with satin varnish.  I'd like one of these, please, in 1:1 scale.

The little pouf ottoman in the pic with the sofa was made using the cardboard tube from a roll of ribbon.  Easy peasey!

Hope you are having a wonderful week!


  1. I agree, one of those sideboards in 1:1 would be fabulous. I love it. I also love the little little pouf ottoman. So sweet. I think that would be fun to make.

  2. Hi!
    You have done wonderful work, I love this "athmosphere" you achieved!

  3. Thank you, Kikka and 12Create :)
    Should I do a little tutorial for the pouf? I think it could be done using a multitude of recyclable things - spray paint can lid? shampoo bottle lid? My tufting needs work, the foam I used wasn't firm enough really but then maybe that pouf had been used for many years? ;)

  4. Hi Daphne! I LOVE your sideboard!!! I think the look is sophisticated and yet fits in with a more relaxed environment as well. Getting the lettering on centre and then have remain distinct throughout the aging process, must have been a bit of a challenge but you certainly pulled it off! Wherever did you find such a heavy chest? The shape of it is Magnificent and absolutely Perfect for the final effect.


  5. Oh be still my beating heart!! The pieces you've been doing lately are beyond adorable, absolutely love the paint finishes and I'm a total sucker for typography on furniture and I've never seen better in mini (or 1:1 come to that) than yours.

    Absolutely, yes, please do a tutorial for the pouf! xx

  6. Well, definitely, I am in love with that technique, by the way the little pouf ottoman is wonderful too. Congratulations

  7. Hi Daphne, Welcome back! I'd love to see a tutorial for the pouf--it's super-cute! xo Jennifer

  8. Hello sweet friends! Goodness, I am humbled by your words. Thank you, I'm so glad you like what I've been doing! I'm really enjoying it. It is fun to explore like this.
    Elizabeth, I believe that piece was a dresser from Town Square Miniatures - one of those really awful 'Mahogany' finish pieces. I bought it because I loved serpentine lines on the front and sides. It came with a mirror but I like it better as a sideboard.
    Okay! Pouf Tut it is! I will try to get that going next week.


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