Saturday, March 8, 2014

A Fantastic and New (to me) Sculptress and Battling Facebook and Other Social Media

;)  Hello Friends,
How does that title grab you? Haha!

So, I ran across these little 1:12 figures on Etsy:

Her name is Tatjana Raum. Tatjana, I hope you don't mind me posting your photo here.
You can see a gallery of her works on her website -
and her blog -
Prepare to pick your jaw up off the floor. ;)

On to other, less pleasant topics.
Battling social media.  What? Why? You say?
I've been catching up with blogs for days now and I've noticed a trend.  Many bloggers have mentioned in one way or another the lack of posting by many (I plead guilty!!) and a decline in blog traffic. One blogger mentioned that she can remember a short while ago, opening her blog reader and being overwhelmed by the number of posts and not being able to keep up and read them all.  I have been thinking this myself. Where did all the beautiful posts and photos go? I really enjoy reading wordy, informative posts accompanied by beautiful photos!

 Many have pointed to social media as the culprit. I agree to a point. I think the combination of Google's betrayal by way of totally ruining/dropping Google Reader along with Facebook, Twitter and the multitude of other social media goodies out there has resulted in scattering us all to the four winds. 

Here is my challenge.  Let us do battle with the other social media venues! Let's start posting again on our blogs and promoting those posts via social media.  If you are having a giveaway, by all means, post it on Facebook, but direct traffic to your blog, have entrants post a comment on your blog rather than on your Facebook post. Push readers to your blog, entice them to slow down and once again discover the delight of a full blog post rather than a few lines of text. So many, more intimate friendships to be attained! 

I have nothing against Facebook (I just plain ole' don't get Twitter...bores the heck out of me, I'm too visually oriented for Twitter). I use Facebook often but I love blogging; blog posts to me, are akin to hand written letters from distant friends....Let's keep that alive!

Stepping down from the soap box. ;)

Have a wonderful weekend my friends.



  1. I like your purchase.
    I agree. I really like blogs and posts.

  2. Dear Daphne,
    all of us, not lovers of social media, we agree in having seen a crazy drop in traffic on the blog, though, I ask myself, how can you betray a world so full of insights and stimuli, with a very superficial one... Among other things, especially facebook is frequented by meddlesome and wasters who are limited in most cases to say "I like" in a thousand, about the idea of only one, rather than express their own ideas ...
    However, I say, better few but good :-)
    I think your idea perversely fabulous ... Exploiting the means to enhance the result :-)
    I, for consistency, I have no facebook profile, but I hope that others will join :-)
    Have a nice weekend you too :-)

  3. Well said, Daphne! Many people have run over to Google+ and Facebook and stayed there, rather than use them as vehicles to drive traffic to their blogs. Not only does this create constant busywork and a number of shallow relationships, but it contributes to that "I'm too busy, too much in a hurry" attitude that permeates modern life. It's so much easier to shoot off a line on Facebook than to actually share an idea with depth on a blog. After some time, many people find they have "no time" to blog anymore. Is it any wonder? I never felt like I really got to know anyone on Facebook, Twitter, or Google+, but I've made several wonderful, deep friendships through blogging. That's more my style. :-) I'd like to see blogging continue to thrive too, so thank you for standing on your soapbox today! xo Jennifer

  4. Thank you everyone! Fabiola, just to let you know, I didn't purchase the little figure...wish I could!! I think I shall ask her if she could do a layaway ;) haha, would have to be a lengthy one.

    I'm so glad I didn't offend anyone. Facebook and the others have their function but I do love the blogosphere! I'm glad we feel the same on this. ((hug))

  5. Jennifer and Flora, I meant to say, "Thank you for putting things so eloquently!"

  6. First of all thank you for the link to Tatjana's blog. You were not exaggerating, her work is exquisite. What fabulous characters.
    With regard to social media, I always choose to go back to a person's blog. Just a few words on Google+ is not enough for me. I much prefer to go to a person's blog and read their whole post and see all the photos. I just love blogs and blogging.

  7. Wow, gorgeous little figures - thanks for the link - amazing work. I agree about the decline in blog traffic but I am one of the guilty ones who used to be very active and disappeared off the scene for a while. Life got too busy but now we have redesigned our lives and have more time again so I think I will take up your challenge and spend more time reconnecting with the lovely blog world people.

  8. Carolyn :) This is a guilt free challenge! So happy you feel ready to start blogging again.
    I honestly feel that for me, the novelty of Facebook and the others has worn off. Really, it takes more time trying to keep up on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and all of them. It can get confusing, just too much stuff for me.

    LOL! Flora, I just re-read your response, I love that my idea is "Perversely Fabulous"! hahahaha! We shall call this "The Perversely Fabulous Blog Challenge". ;)

  9. Wow fantastic figure. Thanks for the link. I agree blogging has given me so many wonderful friendships. I don't use facebook I did set one up but I couldn't get into it. I hope lots come back to blogging as some days it feels rather empty. Thank you for talking about it :)
    Hugs Maria

  10. Everyone has already said what I think so much more eloquently than I could but I give a resounding cheer for blogs and thumbs down to the shallow and insincere forms of social media!


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