Monday, September 5, 2011

Pay It Forward

Hello friends :)
I think it's time I did a little pay it forward.
When I first started blogging, a very lovely member of the miniature community featured my blog on her own.
This was such a nice gesture and brought me quite a bit of traffic very quickly.  I would like to do something similar in turn.
If you haven't visited Carrie's blog - - you are missing out!
Carrie is very talented and has a knack for realism.  Go check it out :)

I've been busy busy but haven't any photos of minis today :( sorry about that!
I've got several things finished and some new projects in the works.
Hope you are all well!

Friday, September 2, 2011

Happy News!

I just got word that my application for membership with AIM has been accepted. I am happy. Truthfully, I thought I had been denied membership as I hadn't any response other than one back in July stating that my application had been received.
The new issue of AIM Imag is out as well.

I've missed blogging and sharing with you, my friends!! I apologize for being away so long and a special apology to Sonya, I haven't posted pictures of her generous swap gifts! So lovely! I adore the little canisters.
Here they are:

Thank you so very much Sonya and Thank you,Caterina for organizing the swap!

I've been so crazy busy, just no time to play with minis really, at least not enough time to stage photos etc.

I've also been stocking my shop with Fall dresses for Blythe dolls:

I've also given this little dolly a make-over...gotta' love those freckles!
Click to enlarge.

And, I found a great deal on two dollhouse kits...couldn't pass it up. I bought two Greenleaf Coventry Cottage kits (I didn't buy mine at the link, got them from an individual).
I'm thinking about kit bashing and maybe combining the two kits to make one larger house...I don't know if that will work....

I have lots more things to show and tell and will post again soon!