Sunday, July 31, 2011

July Giveaway Winner!!!

Hello Dear Friends!
Thank you so very much for your lovely comments and visits. I am so thrilled to have you all as mini friends and wish I could send something to all. I appreciate you and enjoy you all so very much.

I've printed and cut out all the entries and placed them in a large dish.
My lovely little assistant, Emmy, aka "The Monster" has chosen the lucky winner of this drawing. Ahem, please ignore her crazy curly hair and her dirty little fingernails and mismatched, she insists on 'grooming' herself. Whomever made up the the phrase "Terrible Twos" simply didn't have a three year old to compare. *grin*

Entry #90. Carolyn
Carolyn, please email me with your mailing address ^_^

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Shabby Miniature Bedroom Remake

Hello Dear Friends,
I've been refinishing some old furniture. What fun! The armoire was originally a very dark brown piece with ugly thick doors. I took those off and added the open doors from a cheap Michael's hutch. I added some mesh to them, painted everything black, sanded and then painted several coats of white, sanded some more and then added some gold stencil cream.
I still need to make rugs and some more soft furnishings and find a night stand. I also need to add some artwork to the walls and a chandelier for the ceiling.

Just a gentle reminder that my giveaway ends tonight, my time, @ midnight.
So far here are the entries. Please, please if you don't see your name here and you have previously contacted me because you couldn't leave a comment, let me know so I can add you!

  1. Eliana
  2. Inês Paiva Raposo
  3. ultsu
  4. Carmen
  5. Plushpussycat
  6. Patty
  7. Maria Ireland
  8. Linda Carswell
  9. anna
  10. Norma
  11. Jennybee
  12. Rosamargarita
  13. Sharon
  14. babette
  15. rudoo
  16. Dark Squirrel Victoria
  17. Susan
  18. Sans!
  19. Britt
  20. carmen
  21. Kleine Vingers
  22. TINK - SONIA
  23. Margriet
  24. Janne
  25. Linda
  26. Pilar
  27. Eva - tatalamaru
  28. maria l.
  29. NarinaNäpertää
  30. M Carmen Casanova
  32. Caroline
  33. PAKY
  34. Mona
  35. No soy Job
  36. Ascension
  37. Terefer
  38. sorty0
  39. SaMiRa73
  40. Katakliptiko
  41. Contrastes-Rosa Mª
  42. Marian
  43. LavenderDilly
  44. Heather
  45. Iris
  46. CrisColás
  47. Sassy Marsha
  48. Ingrid
  49. linsminis
  50. malu2
  51. Pity
  52. Flor
  53. Patrizia
  54. micia
  55. miniaturista
  56. Ana
  57. Drora's minimundo
  58. El bichillo
  59. Fabiola
  60. Yayin
  61. by Sonya
  62. b_e_i_s_
  63. MALUGA
  64. Teruka
  65. Meapuntoatodo
  66. Rosella
  67. MAIJA
  68. Roelie
  69. Susi
  70. Craftland
  71. Post
  72. MelyMel
  73. Margot Ensink
  74. Marta
  75. Rosa-kreattiva
  76. Marver
  77. Virginia Isabel
  78. Ana
  79. otterine
  80. auzilio
  81. riekie
  82. monique
  83. Phred
  84. Arantxa
  85. Lilith
  86. Minteriors
  87. mcddiss
  88. Maru
  89. sylvia
  90. Carolyn
  91. Mari@
  92. Margaret
  93. amy fletcher
  94. Marja
  95. Loly Rodriguez
  96. OLESHA
  97. Eva
  98. Dees
  99. Blanca
  100. rocinash
  101. Chris P's Minis and More
  102. Daydreamer
  103. Estefanía
I will print the names along with the corresponding numbers and have my daughter draw from a hat in the morning :D
Good luck!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Miniature Vintage Style Wire Laundry Basket

Hello Friends,
I hope you are having a wonderful day!
I have always loved these but have never found one for a decent price.

This idea has been floating around in my head for a while and last night I decided that today is the day to try it. I need to perfect it a little more I would love for it to be collapsible just like the full sized ones.

So, I made one. I haven't quite figured out how to make the casters yet and I think I would like the wires to be a little more closely woven but all in all it is very cute and I am happy. ^_^
Once hubby gets home tonight, I am going to ask him to show me how to use the soldering iron so that I can solder the pieces instead of wrapping with wire.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Humble Beginnings - A Dollhouse Miniature Basket Tutorial

Hello Dear Readers!
It's been a long day but I finally have some time to get the basket tutorial posted here for you.
This basket has very humble beginnings - *grin* it is made from a toilet deodorizer container. A NEW one, hahaha, not used. I took out the deodorizer cake and put it in netting and set it on a paper towel in the cabinet in the bathroom...the cabinet under the sink that always smells musty. I buy these at the dollar store, they are very cheap and you can get two baskets from one deodorizer.

You will need:
  • An Empty Toilet Deodorizer as pictured below

  • Fine Hemp Twine or Linen Cord - I chose a dark brown for this basket
  • Side Cutters or Kitchen Scissors for Cutting the Spokes
  • Glue
  • Paint in your color choice. Testors or other brand plastic model paint or spray paint made for plastic are best but you can use stain or acrylic paint if that's what you have.

  • Step One

    Pull the deodorizer now have two basket bases.

  • Step Two
Cut the ring from the top of the deodorizer basket.
  • Step Three
Begin your basket weave...over and under, over and under. Leave a short tail and keep your weaving tight.

Keep going....over and under, over and under...

Once you have obtained the depth you are happy with, run a bead of glue around the top of your basket. Let dry. Next, clip the spokes as close to the weaving as you can...Don't accidentally snip your weave!

Now lay down a bead of glue and coil the linen/hemp around the top of the basket to hide the spokes and finish off the top. Clamp and let dry. I apologize, i forgot to take a photo of this step but I simply coiled the cord around the top two times and allowed to dry.

Next, I painted the basket with a deep brown.

And you're done! Easy Peasey!

Hope this tutorial was helpful :)

Monday, July 25, 2011

Dollhouse Miniature Bird Cage Tutorial

Make a miniature bird cage with me~!
As promised! I am so happy to share this little project with you. I had a sort of an epiphany last night (is that too strong a word to use?) with this little bird cage.
I guess minor trauma and a trip to the emergency room (LOL see my last post) spurred my imagination and creativity a little bit. I couldn't settle down so I started thinking and creating.

Here we go!

You will need:
  • One of is a small cage type thing from a dishwasher rinsing agent. The solid kind made by Future/Jet Dry

    You can buy Jet Dry Solid at
  • Wire cutters/pliers
  • Sharp Xacto knife or blade
  • Glue - Hot glue or plastic model glue
  • A plug/cap from a carton of juice or some other type of cap and a small plastic curtain ring. (the plug is under the screw cap) It is pictured below near the tube of glue, a ring with a little domed cap. Mine came from this brand. I hope you can find these similar products in other countries!

  • A small bead
  • A bead cap or other decorative finding
  • A head pin finding or long straight pin that you can cut and bend

    Various decorative trims - lace, paper lace, scallops etc.
    Plastic Spray Paint
    Small wooden Candle Stick for use as a stand

    Steps One and Two:

    Cut the spokes at the bottom of the Jet Dry Basket as shown in the first photo. Cut the bottom off entirely leaving the spokes free. Now gently push the spokes in toward the center and is a little tricky but you will get it, just don't burn yourself if you use hot glue!!

    Step Three:

    Cut the ring from the juice plug and glue it to the top of your cage.

    Step Four:

    While that is drying, drill or poke a tiny hole in the cap part of the juice plug.

    Now insert your head pin from the underside and string your bead cap and bead. Bend the wire into loop and trim.
    Step Five:

    Glue your cap assembly to the top of your cage...
    et voila!! You now have a serviceable miniature bird cage!

    But well, if you know me, I just couldn't stop there... oh nononono! We must embellish this little cage and then distress to simulate age. :)

    Optional final touches:
    Glue trims and lace around the cage.

    Use your imagination and all that creativity that I know is out there amongst you! Glue some feet on! Make a double decker cage. Gild it! Add wire curls etc.
    Once you are happy with your trims and finishing touches;
    spray your entire project with spray paint made especially for plastic. I used white but you could use black or gold or any color you like! What I had on hand is actually a spray primer for plastic and I was able to use acrylic paint on top of that.
    To distress my cage I used white and ivory paint as a base coat. On top of that I dry brushed gold and then added some rusty colored ink and some black to simulate rust and chipped paint. Top it all off with a gloss or satin sealer and you have a magnificent 'antique' bird cage for your house!

    If you enjoyed this tutorial or have any questions feel free to let me know, and if you make a bird cage from this tutorial, PLEASE do send me photos or links to photos of your finished cage! I would dearly love to see them.

    The second tutorial will be ready for you tomorrow! A wicker look basket from a very unlikely source ;)


He Fought the Wall and the Wall Won

Why is it that males hit things with their fists? SIGH...poor kid, got mad and hit the wall...
He broke his carpel right before the knuckle on the pinky finger. Doctor says it is VERY common injury and in his 15 years of experience only two of those numerous cases were women ;)

He jokingly commented that women have better impulse control. ROFL...he has obviously never been shopping for minis with a passionate female miniature collector ;)

They even have a bit of a nick name for this particular injury - Boxer's Fracture

Out of my five children, this is the one I've had to take to the emergency room, three times so far. The others, thank God, are fairly cautious. He's a sweet boy and I love him but he's the one that is accident prone.

I have a tutorial coming for you as soon as I can get some photos. A very simple bird cage and a basket. I think they utilize some unique materials and I hope you like them and find them useful.
Will try to post them later this afternoon.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Dreaming of French Dollhouses

Hello Dear Readers!
This is our new friend :) Well, actually two new friends, this little fellow has a brother that looks very much like him. They are both very sweet but have different personalities. We need to name them. Name suggestions??
We took them both so one wouldn't end up in the pound.

I've been working on the Vermont Farmhouse... Still a work in progress. I've been playing with the French Brocante look but it really doesn't suit this house. I love this style though and will eventually have to build my dream house. I will probably change most of this out but for now, I am having fun!

I made another little chair and received my lovely desk and side table from Minis De Eva. Thank you! I love them.
The little book was made by Cockerina, it is so lovely!

I also made this little sofa a la Christine Lea Frisoni's pattern and instructions. I am going to try one in wood with sculpted legs and arm rests.

The outside of the house is farther along than this but I didn't get pictures of it yet. The windows and door are installed and the gable is finished. I think I am going to leave out the stairs and plug up the hole in the second floor - only because I want the extra space! Maybe not, haven't decided yet.

The swap gift for Cockerina's Swap is finished. I hope she likes it! It's so hard not to post photos until the appointed time ;)